TRANSFOR-M is a 2-year course-based Master program leading to dual degrees in forestry and environmental management. It was funded under the Transatlantic Degree Partnership (TDP) Program by the Commission of the European Union (EC) and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) (Canada) within the period of implementation 16-09-2010 to 15-09-2014. This project is a follow-up of our highly successful EU and HRSDC funded TRANSFOR project (2005-2008) that supported student exchanges in the area of forestry and environmental management.

A total of 44 students (24 from Canadian and 20 from European universities) had the chance to participate in the TRANSFOR-M course-based Master program starting September 2011 and leading to a Canadian and a European Degree. TRANSFOR-M students are educated in modern sustainable forestry and environmental management approaches that are sensitive to cultural and situational differences. They acquire an enhanced global view that accommodates multi-cultural perspectives about environmental, economic and cultural issues.

TRANSFOR-M student exchange continues, however without funding by EC and HRSDC. Scholarships to supplement living expenses for the year abroad are available on a competitive basis. According to our MoU in force students will not have to pay tuition at their host institution. Students may choose from a number of both thesis-based or course-based Master's programs of the participating departments and faculties. Each student will spend one year in Canada and one year in Europe in an English-language Master program.