General Program

You will spend the first year (60 ECTS) at your home or host institution, and a second year at your host or home institution (60 ECTS).
You will have your own customized study plan depending in which degree programs you enrolled in Canada and in Europe.
Your study plan will be organized in order that:

  1. Your courses have optimal use of expertise at partner institutions to deliver effective globally-oriented programs in forestry and environmental management
  2. There will be E-learning courses available among all partner institutions
  3. There will be courses in the language of the host country available
  4. You need to write a Master Thesis or equivalent reports
  5. You will participate in work internships where it is required to gain practical experience and increase your employability
In summary, your study plan should include
  1. Two years of studies, worthy at least 60 ECTS each (including an internship, where applicable)
  2. For the Canadian students, one intensive language course during your stay in Europe (optional)
  3. One Master Thesis or equivalent reports worthy at least 30 ECTS
  4. The credit transfer between Canadian and European universities should be: 1 Canadian Credit = 2.5/3 ECTS